Breathing Walls Productions

Breathing Walls Productions

Simply put, we are the little enterprise bringing you this website and selling the book. Our means are small but our ambitions are large. We want to provide a viable alternative to the currently accepted practice of building envelopes that simply don't allow moisture to breathe through while maintaining thermal performance, hence providing breeding grounds for mold.

Starting with our manual, which we hope you will find well-researched, authoritative and practically useful, we will soon also provide a forum for discussion about the topic of breathable envelopes in general. We will soon welcome you to share your thoughts on this new/old paradigm and direction that the building industry needs to take. When it is up and running, you can click on our Forum page to lend your voice and see what others are saying.

We also plan to offer updates on our manual, primarily through the electronic version. That will be available in the not-too-distant future as a downloadable pdf file and as a CD-ROM.

A formal soft-cover print edition will also be available at some point in the future, when we can focus once again on the nuts and bolts of writing. Actually, almost all of the material is complete with the exception of a few spots in the text. We welcome more photos and request your permission to publish them, for which we will give you credit. Formatting will also take some time. We will offer you the formally published version as soon as our schedules allow it.

Please contact with any submissions or ideas for our next edition.