Create Healthy Homes

Create Healthy Homes


Create Healthy Homes is a Los Angeles-based company providing healthy home consultations in Southern California and throughout the country.

Oram Miller, Certified BBEC, EMRS (Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist) provides healthy home and office evaluations to local Southern California clients on-site and to clients nationwide by telephone, fax, email and snail mail.

Consultations include assessment and mitigation of unhealthy electric and magnetic field exposure, such as wiring errors, current on grounding paths, and elevated electric fields in sleeping areas. Oram also assesses for unhealthy exposure to wireless communication devices such as cell phones, cordless telephones, wireless Internet routers (Wi-Fi) and smart meters. Clients are also assisted in finding a new home that avoids sources of EMFs.

In addition to helping people with existing homes, Oram consults on the design, building and remodeling of new and remodeled homes locally in California and nationwide. He recommends a healthy electrical wiring protocol to create reduced-EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure, particularly in sleeping areas, as well as throughout the house.

Clients with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivities (EHS) find relief in knowing that their existing or newly designed home will provide a safe, non-toxic, energy-efficient environment that is free of EMFs, or is as EMF-reduced as we can design and build it.

For more information or to schedule an EMF consultation, please contact Oram at Create Healthy Homes (310-720-7686 or Visit his website at