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cover shot thumbnailBreathing Walls: A Biological Approach to Healthy Building Envelope Design and Construction
© 2008 by George P. Swanson, Oram Miller, and Wayne D. Federer, Editor

Since April 2008, a pre-publication draft of this manual is available. Shipping & handling charges will be applied if your order is shipped. (Charges will be applied after you initiate the purchase but before you confirm it.) Texas residents will be charged sales tax. If you live outside the United States, to preview the shipping and handling charges, click on "calculate your total order amount" on the first screen. You will then have a chance to select your country. (Scroll down for more information.)

  • Spiral-bound, laser-printed with black toner on 20-pound paper with 30% post-consumer recycled content.

For questions about your book order please call George Swanson at 512-653-8624. All books ordered through this website are shipped out of Austin, Texas by George. You can email George at georgeswanson245@yahoo.com.

Unfortunately we have not yet set up our e-commerce shopping cart, so the "Buy Now" button below only works for single-book transactions. If you want to order multiple copies of the book, please enter multiple transactions, and we will refund any overpayment you make on the actual shipping & handling charges.

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For those of you waiting for our eBook version, we appreciate your patience. We ran into technical difficulties in June 2008 with the security software, and that version is on hold for the immediate future. If you want the information contained in our manual now, we suggest you purchase a print version at this time. If you order a print copy now, a $10 rebate will be applied off the price of the eBook.

If you also want the electronic version in the future, please sign up for notification when the eBook is ready.

Please check back to this website, www.breathingwalls.com, for the latest information and details on all options.