Returns & Refunds

Returns and Refunds

For those of you who have purchased the spiral-bound print version of our book, we offer a 30-day refund if you are not satisfied, provided you return it to us in sellable condition.

Please contact us at to indicate if you need to return the printed book and are requesting a refund. We will instruct you where to send it.

Once our downloadable eBook and CD-ROM versions becomes available, we will likewise offer refunds within 30-days if you are not satisfied. Deactivation will be required to obtain a refund of the downloadable eBook.

Please be aware that once deactivation of your eBook has taken place, it can never be activated on your computer again. That is, the deactivation process permanently prevents you from loading another copy on the same computer, even if it is paid for.

Please contact with further questions on our return and refund policy.