Email Notification List for Release of our eBook and CD-ROM


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We began selling the spiral-bound print version of our manual through this website in early June 2008. We had intended to release our eBook version and CD-ROM some weeks later but ran into technical difficulties with the security software, and that version is on hold for the foreseeable future. If you want the information contained in our manual now, we suggest you purchase a print version at this time.

As explained in our Editor's Note, our print version is a pre-publication draft of the book that will be updated periodically and eventually published in a "final" form, complete with glossy cover and many more photos. The final published version will also have very little additional information, except for updates. (After several years of work we decided to get this spiral-bound draft version into your hands in April 2008 without further delay, helping you with your next building project! That is why we released the book in draft form.)

Our customers who buy earlier versions will be eligible for free-of-charge online updates through our last pre-publication draft prior to publication at some point in the future of our "final" edition.

We would love to inform you by email when the eBook and CD-ROM are finally available. If you wish to be placed on our notification list, please send an email (just the words "Notify eBook" in the subject line are sufficient) to